Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust makes improvements to services

Wirral University NHS Foundation Trust has made significant improvements in reducing waiting times for patients needing routine surgery, Monitor announced recently.

The regulator also said that the Board has made important improvements in the way it runs the Trust. As a result, Monitor has decided it is no longer in significant breach of its terms of authorisation as a Foundation Trust.

In March 2012, Monitor originally stepped in because the Trust was persistently failing to meet the national standard for referring patients for treatment within 18 weeks. The regulator also had concerns about the way the Board was run. In particular, the Trust had been slow to act in addressing poor performance in the hospital.

Since February 2012 the Trust has consistently achieved the standard for referring patients for treatment within 18 weeks, as set out in the NHS constitution. In addition, the Board implemented changes to tackle weaknesses in its quality governance and clinical engagement and improved its information technology and data systems.

Stephen Hay, Managing Director of Provider Regulation at Monitor, said:

"Monitor has worked hard with the Trust to make sure that all its patients are being referred promptly for treatment by the hospital’s consultants.

“The Trust’s Board has now implemented a number of changes to address our concerns about its oversight of services for patients and its engagement with clinical staff.

“Our intervention and the Trust’s response shows how the regulatory regime for foundation trusts is working effectively in the interests of patients who use hospital services.”