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Off-Payroll Working in the Public Sector

Remit has designed a simple process that allows public sector bodies who engage temporary workers to comply with the new off-payroll in the public sector rules. Our processes also remove risks and liabilities from the public sector.

Whether you engage workers directly or through third party suppliers such as recruitment companies Remit has a solution. We will work with you to ensure the service meets all your needs and delivers a fully compliant solution across all your temporary workers however they are engaged.


We provide a simple answer for paying your off-payroll workers on direct engagements.

We become the 'Fee Payer' which makes us entirely responsible, and liable, for applying the off-payroll rules correctly.

When you use Remit to pay your off-payroll workers all payments are reported through Remit's PAYE reference.


We can work with your existing recruiters to provide a simple transparent process to ensure your off-payroll workers are paid compliantly.

Using Remit's outsourced payroll provides protection for both you and your recruiters.

Our added value is we also ensure end-to-end supply chain compliance.


Our bespoke portal interface provides a full breakdown of all employment costs relating to each worker.

It confirms the amounts required by worker and these funds are transferred in to our protected client account.

We do not hold funds in the client account. Once a payment run is complete all funds are paid to the relevant parties immediately.


We know that controlling spend and meeting budgets is a high priority. We believe that costs should reflect the work carried out not the size of the transaction.

For that reason we apply a fixed fee per transaction.

Whether you are paying £1,000 or £10,000 it is one transaction and one fee.

This means you are always fully in control.

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