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The Frog Restaurant by Adam Handling

When world renowned chef, author and Masterchef finalist Adam Handling asked our Somerset design studio to help with the branding/logo design for his new restaurant “The Frog” we literally jumped at the chance. Being avid foodies ourselves we knew from the start what Adam was after and what his potential customers would respond to when visiting the restaurant. The branding had to gel with not only the innovative style of the food but also the laid back vibe of the restaurant’s aesthetics. We had an open brief to really be creative and we knew that Adam certainly didn’t want the stereotypical logo you’d usually associate with this kind of high end dining establishment.


The public response from the design work has been nothing short of amazing and the restaurant has gone from strength to strength in its first year. The Frog brand is certainly here to stay with an exciting new restaurant opening very soon in the heart of Covent Garden, London. Fat Punk Studio will be heading up the brand development once again for this exciting project. Explore more about “The Frog” project here:



Contributed by: Fat Punk Studio