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Airway Management Products and Associated Equipment

The scope of the framework is to cover a range of airway management products used within theatres, wards,ICU and A&E areas within Healthcare Environments. Products will include endotracheal tubes, tracheostomytubes, laryngeal masks, laryngoscopes, video laryngoscopes, breathing filters, breathing circuits, endobronchialtubes, nasopharyngeal tubes, oropharyngeal tubes and any accessories relating to these products. Precise quantities are unknown. It is anticipated that initial expenditure will be in the region of £32,190,000to £42,900,000 in the first year of this framework agreement; however, this is approximate only and thevalues may vary depending on the requirements of those bodies purchasing under the framework agreement.The estimated value of the total framework agreement term (including any extension options) of between£128,760,000 to £171,600,000.

NHS Supply Chain
Foxbridge Way

Contract value: 128760000-171600000

Published: 2 Jan 2018, Receipt by: 29 Nov 2018



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