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Provision of Healthwatch Luton

Luton Council ("the Council") is inviting Tenders for the provision of a Local Healthwatch Service for the Borough of Luton. The Contract will be for a period of two years from 1st April 2018, with the possibility of annual extensions for a further two years. The contract extension will be subject to the funding being available to the council from central government and the successful Provider achieving high levels of satisfaction in the provision of the Services as set out in the specification. You should be aware that this contract is a statutory service and it is subject to it continuing to being a statutory service and on an annual basis receiving government grant funding or alternative Council finance being available on an on going basis. It is accepted that a new Provider may not be in a position to deliver a fully functioning service from 1st April 2018 and that the first three months of the contract will operate as a set up phase, prior to commencement of the full service from 1st July 2018.


Phil Hucklesby
Town Hall
George Street
+44 1582546866

Contract value: 489848-489848

Published: 2 Jan 2018, Receipt by: 29 Jan 2018

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