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Gazelle Interim Depth Support

UK MOD has a requirement to provide Interim Depth Support (both on and off aircraft work) to its existing Gazelle fleet for a period of 12-15 months with the potential option of providing depth support for an additional 1-2 years. The scope of the work is expected to be 2 Major, 3 B5 and 8 B4 maintenance packages during the period, although exact numbers may be subject to change. The depth events may include some additional supplementary work, such as the embodiment of minor modifications. Timely delivery will be an important consideration. The contractor must be MAOS accredited for Depth Maintenance of Gazelle AH Mk1 Helicopter. The Authority's preference is that the Contractor supply their own trained pilot to undertake any Flight Tests. However the Authority will consider bids that request that the Authority supply a trained pilot. Please note that this work is undertaken by the Multi-Aircraft Platform Support Unit (MPSU) at Middle Wallop via a Contract between the Authority and Cobham that expires on 31st March 2018. Any replacement Contract is likely to have implications under Transfer of Undertaking (Protection for Employment) (TUPE). Furthermore, as the current MPSU facility at Middle Wallop is unavailable, the Contractor must supply their own facility to carry out the work under this contract. Further details, relating to the above information, will be provided as part of any ITT resulting from this enquiry.

Yew 0A #1037
BS34 8JH

Contract value: 500000-5000000

Published: 6 Aug 2017, Receipt by: 3 Sep 2017

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