18 new Examiners of the Court appointed

The Lord Chancellor has appointed 18 new Examiners of the Court

A court may order a witness to be examined before trial about their oral or documentary evidence, either by deposition under Civil Procedure Rule (CPR) 34.8, such as where someone is too ill to attend the trial, or where a foreign court requests evidence from a person who resides in this jurisdiction and not in the jurisdiction of the foreign court. Court Examiners, who are barristers or solicitors who have practised for at least five years, undertake these examinations.

The Lord Chancellor has appointed the following;

Tony Baumgartner, Naomi Candlin, Angharad Davies, Judy Dawson, Alison Green, Nicholas Hill, Mathias Kelly, John Leslie, Simon Lewis, Josh Lewison, Susan Lindsey, Andrew McLoughlin, Christopher McNall, Michael Salter, Ashely Serr, Frederico Singarajah, Lara Spencer.

The term of the appointment is 5 years, from 1 October 2017 to 30 September 2022.

The appointments have been conducted in accordance with the Commissioner for Public Appointments’ Governance Code on Public Appointments. These appointments are made subject to clearance checks.

All candidates have declared that they have not been involved in any political activity.