Call for evidence: teacher involvement in developing exam papers

Please contribute your views to Ofqual's review by 31 October 2017.

Call for evidence: teachers' involvements in exam papers

Respond, in confidence, to Ofqual’s call for evidence

We are conducting a review into current teachers being involved in the development of exams, such as writing papers or questions.

As part of this review we would like to hear from anyone who has relevant insights or experiences to share - your response will be treated in confidence.

We particularly wish to hear from people who:

• have been involved with developing exam materials
• have taught alongside colleagues who had access to confidential assessment materials before the exams were taken
• were taught by teachers who knew, or said they knew, what was going to be included in specific exams

We would particularly like to hear your views on:

• the relative benefits and risks of teacher involvement in developing exams for qualifications they teach
• the effectiveness of the safeguards used to prevent disclosure
• the ability of a teacher who knows the content of an exam to disregard that when preparing their students for the same exam
• how current safeguards could be strengthened

We would also like to hear from you if you have insights into, or experiences from, other sectors and/or other countries that you believe would be relevant to our review.

All information submitted in response to this call for evidence will be used only to inform our review. We will not investigate any specific complaints or allegations you raise. If you want us to look into a specific incident you should provide us with details using our normal complaints or whistle-blower procedures.

The closing date for this call for evidence is 31 October 2017 at 5pm.