New members to bring additional expertise to LawtechUK

The appointment of new members to the LawtechUK Panel has been announced, representing outstanding individuals within the sector who bring a wealth of expertise and experience

The LawtechUK Panel was formed in July 2018 as an industry-led, Government-supported initiative to develop the use of technology in the legal sector.

Chaired by Christina Blacklaws, former President of the Law Society, the panel acts as an advisory board to the LawtechUK programme. Membership is comprised of leaders from the public and private sectors who are well versed in the law and technology sector.

The changes reflect the transition to the second phase of LawtechUK, which is being taken forwards by CodeBase and Legal Geek.

The Panel will continue to support the LawtechUK programme, helping ensure its success and supporting Codebase and Legal Geek to drive the development and use of technology in the legal sector. This will also accelerate the growth of the UK’s internationally-recognised lawtech sector.

The new members are:

  • Maya Markovich – Executive Director of Justice Technology Association
  • Mimi Zou – Co-founder of Deriskly and Professor of Commercial Law, University of Exeter
  • Isabel Parker – Partner at Deloitte Legal
  • Stephen Browning – Challenge Director for Next Generation Services at UK Research and Innovation
  • Sophia Adams Bhatti – Global Head of Purpose and Impact, Simmons & Simmons.

Rosemary Martin, who has been a valued member of the panel for over 4 years, will be stepping down.

Christina Blacklaws, LawtechUK Panel Chair said:

"I am delighted and excited to welcome our talented new colleagues to the LawtechUK panel. This is an incredibly exciting time as the industry explores the possibilities and consequences of utilising generative AI whilst trying to address issues of unmet legal need in this country.

"The LawtechUK panel will be at the forefront of this work and our new members will help to drive forward innovation in the legal sector."

Justice Minister Mike Freer said:

"LawtechUK plays a central role in nurturing new cutting-edge innovation, and supporting the UK’s place as a world leader in legal services and expertise.

"I welcome this new panel of established and outstanding individuals whose collective expertise will bring tremendous value to the work of the programme well into the future."

Ministry of Justice
Mike Freer MP