DWP benefits statistics: February 2024

National Statistics release of the main Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) administered benefits through Stat-Xplore or supplementary tables where appropriate


Applies to England, Scotland and Wales


DWP benefits statistics: February 2024

Benefit Combinations: Official Statistics to August 2023

DWP benefits statistics (on Stat-Xplore)


This is a quarterly National Statistics release of the main DWP-administered benefits via Stat-Xplore or supplementary tables where appropriate.

Statistics on Maternity Allowance and Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit are also published as part of this release.

Suspension of State Pension statistics in this release

The latest National Statistics for State Pension – due to be published as part of this release – have been suspended. Suspension of these statistics also impacts the Benefit Combinations statistics for those above State Pension age, which have also been suspended. We will publish the suspended State Pension statistics as soon as we are able to.

This delay results from issues with internal processing of State Pension data after it was sent for analysis from the Get Your State Pension (GYSP) system, and only impacts statistics that are not yet published.

Work is underway to fix these issues and we will publish the suspended State Pension statistics as soon as we are able to, along with an updated statistical summary providing narrative for State Pension statistics to August 2023. We will provide an update on progress on 13 March 2024

Benefit Combinations statistics 

The Benefit Combination statistics have been extended to show whether UC claimants are on the UC health journey, and give additional details about: 

  • UC conditionality groups 
  • ESA payment type and phase of claim 
  • PIP/DLA/AA Daily Living and Mobility Awards 

These details were already publicly available on the individual benefit statistical series but have never been included on the combined benefit series before. The changes have been applied to the time series from May 2019 onwards and will allow users to understand the benefit picture for those on health and disability related benefits in greater detail than previously.

Scottish devolution: changes to the presentation of DWP statistics

The devolution of social security benefits to the Scottish Government is now having an impact on DWP statistics.

Please refer to our background information note for more information on presentational changes we have made to our statistics in response to Scottish devolution.

More information

A statistical summary document is published every 6 months in February and August each year. It contains a high-level summary of the latest National Statistics on DWP benefits.

Commentary on Benefit Combination statistics is now included twice a year as part of the February and August releases. Benefit Combinations statistics are also released quarterly on Stat-Xplore.

Find further information about the publication and statistics, including details on changes and revisions, in the background and methodology documents.

Further information about this release can be found on the DWP benefits statistics collection page and in the “Welfare and Benefits” community on StatsUserNet.

If you have any comments or questions, get in touch by email at: benefits.statistics@dwp.gov.uk

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