Probation reform

When we get probation right, we have the ability to change lives, rebuild families, prevent victims and create better communities

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We want a probation system that does just that while protecting the public, commanding the confidence of the courts and reducing reoffending.

The probation reform programme aims to improve probation services across England and Wales. We are ending current community rehabilitation company contracts early and have sought feedback on our proposals to improve the structure and content of probation services.


In the summer 2018 we launched our Strengthening probation, building confidence consultation on the future of probation services. We received 476 written consultation responses, heard from more than 1,100 delegates at 39 engagement events and engaged with staff across England and Wales. We have analysed the responses and have been engaging with a wide range of stakeholders to test our proposals. We will publish our response to this consultation in spring 2019.

We have taken steps to stabilise the current probation system and to improve the delivery of probation services. This includes changes to our ‘through-the-gate’ services including additional investment and a guarantee that service users will see their probation officer more frequently.

We are focussed on getting future changes right. Our team is designing new and improved services so that we have the necessary resources and the right structures to deliver locally. We will also support probation as a profession. We will make sure our staff receive the training they need and are recognised as probation professionals.

Reform events

We are committed to engagement and will hold consultation events during the programme.

Consultation events and materials

Consultation response


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