Safe food for tomorrow's world: conference presentations

The presentations from the 2021 Government Chemist Conference, Safe food for tomorrow's world, are available below

Conference slide image

All presentations which have been made so far available by presenters can be downloaded from the links below.

Government Chemist programme, abstracts and biographies (PDF, 1.98MB, 39 pages)

Welcome address - Julian Braybrook (PDF, 910KB, 8 pages)

Actions and impact of the Food Crime Unit - Hayley Ward-Ivan (PDF, 818KB, 14 pages)

Food Standards Scotland – Strategy and approach to science - Geoff Ogle (PDF, 2.91MB, 25 pages)

The NIST Food Quality Program: Measurements and standards to support the global food industry - Katrice Lippa (PDF, 4.13MB, 24 pages)

Authentication analysis of tonic food in Hong Kong - Foo-Wing Lee (PDF, 3.02MB, 21 pages)

The importance of company culture in assuring food safety and integrity - Fiona Humphries (PDF, 4.59MB, 20 pages)

Challenges in the measurement of clinical proteins and allergens - Milena Quaglia (PDF, 4.35MB, 29 pages)

CBD and controlled cannabinoids in consumer products - Selvarani Elahi and Chris Hopley (PDF, 1.63MB, 26 pages)

Microbiome for protected status - Marc Kennedy (PDF, 1.18MB, 16 pages)

Nuclear and complementary field deployable technologies to build food authenticity capability - Simon Kelly (PDF, 5.26MB, 26 pages)

Effective solutions for GMO analysis - Malcolm Burns (PDF, 2.29MB, 23 pages)

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