When the elections dust settles, what’s the plan for greater Manchester?

Citizens publish ‘People’s Plan for Greater Manchester’

• A new, independent and broad-based citizens’ initiative – the People’s Plan – was launched in Greater Manchester last October and has now published its findings.
• All who live, work or study in Greater Manchester were encouraged to get involved and to share their views, priorities and proposals for devolution across the region.
• Over a thousand people from across all 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester got involved by responding online and or participating in public meetings.
• Ahead of Greater Manchester’s first Mayoral election on May 4th 2017, the People’s Plan aimed to provide opportunities for local people and civil society to have a meaningful say and to provide a constructive challenge to the region’s strategies and delivery.
• The findings show that Greater Manchester is a city-region with a ‘priorities gap’, which the challenges and pointers within the People’s Plan report aim to bridge.

To download the final report and for more information and resources, visit the website http://www.PeoplesPlanGM.org.uk
(pdf download link in website header)

Greater Manchester is at an important moment of change in matters of government.  ‘Devo Manc’ devolution deals have been done and structural changes, including an elected metro-mayor, are reshaping who decides what and how for the 2.8 million people in Greater Manchester.

From October to December 2016, volunteers organised a programme of varied public meetings; alongside this the People’s Plan website provided an online survey, with prepared questions and open inputs covering six major themes - homes, health and care, transport, democracy, environment, jobs and economy.

The range of inputs have since been carefully processed and analysed, quantitatively and qualitatively. The formulated outputs are summarised in the published report, where they highlight a series of 18 constructive challenges and 45 pointers towards areas of priority action.

In having met the defined objectives in good measure, the People’s Plan has added some valuable learning and strengthened relationships and trust amongst those involved.  It is hoped that more people will be encouraged and energised to both challenge and support those seeking to improve the lives of people in Greater Manchester.

With grateful thanks to everyone who helped.


The People’s Plan