Gain the confidence to make a difference in the public sector, 100% online!

What’s the most important attribute needed for a career in the public sector? Years of experience? An ability to lead? These things can undoubtedly help, but there’s another, far more significant trait

Experts in public administration have identified that a fundamental desire to help others is the quality public servants cannot do without. This helps to keep the interests of others as their priority.

As Professor Catherine Mangan and Professor Catherine Needham add, “A human way of engaging with people […] will enable citizens to be treated more holistically – as a whole person rather than a set of conditions or needs.” ¹

With an aspiration to make a positive difference at the heart of your motivation, studying public administration can give you the confidence, skills and knowledge you need to follow your ambitions and make a greater difference to the communities you serve.

Learn from those at the forefront of public service

Delivered by the Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV) at the UK’s University of Birmingham, the 100% Online Masters of Public Administration is a leading qualification for those looking to absorb first-hand specialist experience in public services, and adapt it for use within your own communities – without the need to re-locate or place your profession on pause to head to campus.

The curriculum is informed by the Institute’s latest research, which would give a rich and directly-applicable context to your studies:

“We are a research-led university […] – that leads to a pretty powerful set of content that students can rely on. Whatever they learn from the programme, chances are it’s going to hold true when they put that into practice,” explains Helen Hurford-Dawson, Senior Teaching Fellow.

Put learning to the test with real-world simulations

The programme uses real case studies and scenarios that enable students to trial their ideas and newly-acquired skills in a provisional context.

For example, the module on Managing Public Money includes an exploration of real budgeting challenges and strategies, designed to help you formulate your own thinking and in turn, build experience and confidence.

Develop as part of a diverse international cohort

As you study the programme, the last thing you would be is alone. The learning environment provides a space for you to swap thinking and debate ideas with other students from around the world, who each bring unique experiences and knowledge with them too.

The community learns together, encouraging networking opportunities which helps to play a role in your development that can be taken forward into your career.

“The Online Masters of Public Administration has provided the benefits of interacting with a worldwide consortium of students who bring vast experience, knowledge and diversity to discussions,” says Ana Soochit, current student.

Fellow student, Tosan Ozoro, agrees. Having always worked in the Nigerian financial sector, she decided to switch careers in order to pursue her passion for public service. “I have always been passionate about people, helping people and fighting for people,” she says.

“I want to have the knowledge and understanding to impact a positive change in public service. The interactions with students across the world is an added advantage.”

Build up effective leadership skills

Taking on the responsibilities of a leader requires self-belief, which is why the programme features a focus on leadership development.

The Leadership in Public Services module helps you to prepare for top-level management challenges. You’ll also have access to employment consultants and career coaching to help boost your confidence further.

Gain the tools you need to make a change

As long as you have a desire to help people, you can gain the rest of the tools needed to succeed in the public sector.

Our 100% Online Masters of Public Administration contains everything you need to improve your professional skillset and make a greater impact in your sphere. Applications are open for the October intake. Download our brochure to find out more.


The University of Birmingham

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