A&E departments to get more funding

Funds for next winter will ease pressure on accident and emergency (A&E) departments in England. 

The Department of Health has today (21 April 2017) announced the allocation of £55.98 million of the £100 million A&E capital funding, outlined in the spring Budget by the Chancellor, to ease pressure on emergency departments in time for next winter. The funding awarded at this stage is being allocated to 70 NHS hospitals.

The funding will be used by hospitals to meet the 95% standard of admitting, transferring, or discharging patients within 4 hours by ensuring patients are treated in the most appropriate setting.

The plans outlined by trusts include primary care streaming and co-locating GP practices within A&E departments to ensure patients are treated in the most appropriate setting.

This investment is one part of the A&E plan being implemented across the NHS this year to get performance to 95% during 2018.