A message from Prime Minister Keir Starmer to the Civil Service

Prime Minister Keir Starmer shares his first message to the Civil Service


A message from Prime Minister Keir Starmer to the Civil Service

I am so pleased to have this early opportunity to speak directly to every one of you…

… working in the Civil Service.

Now I saw from my time as Director of Public Prosecutions…

Just how hard you work.

How much you believe in what you are doing for our country.

And it taught me a huge amount about what public service really means.

And that spirit is not just critical for the work ahead. 

It will define the success of this government. 

A government of service… 

That must now show the British people… 

How government can be a force for good. 

It will be a mission-driven government with a real sense of purpose. 

That’s not just a slogan.

It’s about setting clear long-term objectives that drive our decision making…

And help us to prioritise our work.

Higher growth.

Safer Streets.

Secure borders.

Cleaner energy.

More opportunity.

The NHS back on its feet.

Delivering change won’t be easy, you don’t need me to tell you that.

It will require a different way of working. One of openness, of collaboration and transparency in everything we do.

But from the get go I want you to know that– you have my confidence, my support and, importantly, my respect.

Together, as one team, we can deliver our mission of national renewal and change. 

Let’s start that work immediately.

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