Sharaz: doing high-profile maths

Sharaz is one of our graduates in Cyber and Information Systems (CIS) who joined with a Masters in Mathematics

Joining the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has been a wonderful experience for Sharaz. He talks favourably about his work and the people here:

“It’s been great to use my mathematics without going down the corporate finance path. I get to do higher-level, more interesting maths.

“My work is split between projects. Some have mature technology which has immediate real-life impact and others are more long-term research-level projects. It’s so satisfying to really delve into an idea. Having a mix really keeps things varied.”

And his co-workers are pretty good too:

“My colleagues are so interesting. Working alongside well-known scientists as a fresh graduate is very exciting. One colleague spent 20 years in academia researching Astrophysics. He’s great to be around and I love to absorb his knowledge and enthusiasm.

“The people at Dstl are very friendly and helpful. As a new member of the team you’re welcomed into the social circle. It’s flexible and inclusive and I’m happy to be working for the public sector.”

Sharaz has also been supported by his team leader to work towards a promotion; guiding him on training and how to impress at interview.

His advice for math graduates exploring their options:

“To anyone studying mathematics I would definitely recommend Dstl for a graduate role. You’re able to use more interesting, complicated mathematics. Whatever your specialism (dynamics, probability or algebra) there are lots of interesting opportunities here - and there aren’t many other places you can do those in such depth.”

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