Better connected preview 4: childrens' services

Socitm Insight has produced a summary of reviewers' comments on the quality of presentation of childrens' services on UK council websites.

This has been published ahead of the launch of Better connected 2013, the latest edition of the annual survey of all council websites published on 1 March. 

Summaries concerning six other local authority service areas are being published on a weekly basis over the coming weeks.

The reviewers' comments describe the overall experience of finding out about free nursery places from the council website. This meant finding answers to questions like: 'Can I find details of any nurseries and other childcare providers which offer free places to three and four year olds?' 'Can I find out the charges for nursery / childcare places, when the free allocation has been used?' 'Can I find out how to apply for a nursery / childcare place?' 'Can I access the latest inspection report for any given provider?' and 'How can I find the nearest nursery?' 

The summary of reviewers' comments can be found on the Better connected 2013 page.

The Better connected report for 2013 will be published on 1 March on Socitm's website, and can be accessed free of charge by any employee of a council that subscribes to Socitm Insight.