Fuelling public sector progress with next-generation connectivity


Your community relies on your services, but do you have the connectivity to meet their needs? In today’s world of stretched budgets and packed schedules, having consistent access to a fast network is priceless — so it’s easy to see why public sector teams are already choosing to power their work with the next generation of connectivity. Three Business is an expert in connectivity and is now empowering the public sector with value-driven connectivity plans to support a thriving community, with The UK’s Fastest 5G Network according to Ookla.*

Maximising positive patient outcomes

When being able to relay important, sensitive information at speed can be the difference between life and death, reliable connectivity is a vital lifeline for any public sector healthcare employee.

Next-generation connectivity plays a huge role in enabling the smooth running of public healthcare services, but it also increases the efficiency at each stage. By providing fast, reliable connectivity, 5G enables teams to stay on schedule and become more agile in responding to changing patient needs, from being able to send notifications about the real-time status of their appointments, to using wearable wireless devices to track vital stats and alert medical staff in case of emergencies.

Taking teaching to the next level

The education sector also stands to make huge strides by embracing the next level of connectivity. Students and educators are now able to use smartphones and tablets for learning and communication at school, with mobile data providing on-the-go connectivity. This not only opens up the opportunity for a more flexible approach to education, but helps to bridge the digital divide for students who lack home internet access, too. Enhanced connectivity also enables reliable video-conferencing and collaboration for remote learning, allowing students to learn from anywhere.

Meanwhile, back in the classroom, Wi-Fi infrastructure ensures that students and staff alike can access online learning, research, and admin tools from anywhere on campus. These robust internet connections are vital in supporting the growing demand for digital content and communication tools, unleashing new possibilities in education.

Staying secure in an evolving digital landscape

The more sensitive the information, the more secure it needs to be. While this is true for any organisation, it’s particularly salient in the case of the public sector, where regulations around privacy are often more stringent. From sharing and storing medical records to legal documents and the student data, public sector organisations need to be sure they find a connectivity package with the right level of security for their requirements.

Unlock the power of connectivity with Three Business

With powerful, secure connectivity on their side, public sector organisations can build a better, faster, more reliable future for the people they serve. Three Business is already serving businesses like yours to transform the way they connect and collaborate, from Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service, to Realise Training, one of the UK’s largest adult education providers.

Want to find out more about how Three Business can help public sector organisations? Get in touch with a Three Business representative to find out more, or visit https://www.three.co.uk/business/public-sector?mc=paidSocial&mp=psn&mcn=public_sector_marketing&mct=awareness&mdt=21Apr24&mctt=article&mlob=no_mlob_b2b.


*Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data for Q3-Q4 2023. Visit speedtest.net/awards/fastest-5g to find out more.