Fixed Fee Procurement Project Delivery Service

Just before the end of 2017, eXceeding were awarded entry into all four Lots of the Countess of Chester Hospital (CoCH) Fixed Fee Procurement Project Delivery Service.

This Framework Is aimed at resolving resourcing issues that face Public Sector Authorities & Trusts. Interim Officers are often an awkward overhead to both recruit & procure, and many have IR35 issues that make them unwilling to take the task. The CoCH Fixed Fee Procurement Project Delivery Service is a short order framework agreement that can be utilised by Trusts and all UK Public Sector bodies, resolves these issues.


So exactly what issues does this address? Procuring human resource services is an ebb & flow event that often means that Interim Officers are employed for longer than is needed (generating additional or excess cost) or that they are released from the task too soon (due to budgetary pressures). This means that full time staff have to take up the slack to the detriment of their daily work. Often the internal process to request this resource is lengthy & difficult, meaning either the selected Interim goes elsewhere, or an alternative Interim less suited to the task is the only one available.

How did eXceeding become involved? With significant experience in the business of supplying procurement & bid response resource, eXceeding was able to show a deep understanding of the requirement to the CoCH Procurement team during the OJEU response. Having analyzed the requirement, and in keeping with the in-house capabilities of eXceeding, a compelling response was handed in for assessment.

And what happened? With CoCH Framework acceptance, eXceeding is able to offer Trusts and Authorities’ the opportunity to cover peaks in workload without the need to take on extra staff, and thus to reduce costs both in fiscal terms but also in resourcing management.  A further consequence of this agreement is that eXceeding will be tasked to work with Trusts & Authorities to deliver a procurement service that complies with all internal policies and procedures, government procurement policy and UK/EU procurement regulations, whenever they are engaged.


What do I get? This service is broken down into four lots based on the different procurement project types typically carried out within public sector procurement departments. eXceeding was accepted into all four of the Framework Lots with a quality score of 98%. For a company that also writes bid responses for others, this is a pleasing result.


These lines are,

·         Lot 1 – OJEU Projects: This is a full service to provide a complete end to end procurement process for projects above the defined thresholds under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.  

·         Lot 2 – Framework mini-competition projects: This is a full service for eXceeding to manage Framework mini-competitions, from seeking buy-in to utilising the framework, and managing the engagement of suppliers.

·         Lot 3 – Back-Office Support: eXceeding will provide back office support only.    

·         Lot 4 – Project Bundle (any combination of the above.)

Because of the way in which the contract has been agreed, budgetary offset is possible, meaning Trusts & Authorities can procure resource within the current budget but not need to deploy that resource until they are needed, including the following financial year.


What next? This Framework is available for use by all NHS bodies and other Public Sector organisations in the United Kingdom who are referenced within the OJEU award notice. eXceeding will embark on an information campaign throughout the disparate Trusts and Authorities advocating the use of the CoCH Framework to cover peaks in workload without the need to take on extra staff, and thus reducing costs to the public purse. This will include attending Procurex (South) on March 15th 2018 in Olympia, the Public Sector Show on the 26th of April 2018 at ExCel, and other procurement based events.


In the meantime, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs or any other details that arise from this article.







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