Proposed return of further powers to Rotherham

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid announces plans to return a further 5 powers to Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has announced plans to return a further 5 powers to Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

It follows the latest report by the government-appointed Commissioner team that noted steady improvement by the council.

Commissioners have proposed that 5 functions, which include community safety and waste collection, be returned to the council.

This council has already regained 8 powers in the last 9 months.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said:

"The council is continuing to make progress under the watchful eye of our Commissioners. So I am now inviting representations from the council before making my final decision on returning these further powers."

Steady progress by the council

The Commissioner team, led by Mary Ney, who replaced Sir Derek Myers as Lead Commissioner in April 2017, outlined continuing improvements in her progress report of 18 May 2017.

Based on evidence in that report the Communities Secretary is considering handing back control of the following functions to the council:

• performance management in each of the council’s service areas
• waste collection
• community safety which includes community cohesion and domestic violence
• human resources
• asset management including both land and property assets

To give further assurance to residents, the community safety service would be returned with enhanced oversight by the Commissioner team over services supporting victims of domestic violence. This would allow the relevant Commissioner to veto any Cabinet decision if they feel necessary.

Commissioners will retain executive decision making power over children’s services, special allowances, and also the appointment and dismissal of any statutory officers. They will also continue to have oversight over all returned functions.