Policy training for academics

Our Policy Masterclasses are now available in person and online. Delivered by experienced officials, this course gives an insider’s view of how policy works

Policy Masterclasses are available now

Delivered over two sessions, we explain how policy works in theory and practice, and what tactics academics can use to influence the decision making process.

Part 1 provides an overview of the policy-making system in the UK, and how academics can engage with it, areas that we cover include:

  • Understanding the government machine
  • The different institutions academics might engage with, what they do, and the kinds of information and evidence they’re looking for
  • Concepts to help academics think about impact strategy
  • The policy-makers academics need to be aware of and different ways to engage them
  • Easy to remember do’s and don’ts

Part 2 focuses more on influencing tips and tactics, including:

  • How to think about policy impact strategies
  • How to build your network
  • How to present your research in the most impactful ways
  • Good and bad examples of writing for a policy audience
  • How to get evidence of your impact

To find out more about our Policy Masterclasses email enquiries@openinnovation.gov.uk


Open Innovation Team