MOD Science and Technology Strategy 2020

This document outlines the MOD’s vision to secure future advantage through science and technology


MOD Science and Technology Strategy 2020


We are living in a time of unprecedented technological change. New adversaries have emerged, alongside traditional threats, who actively undermine our democracy and society, supported by substantial and rapidly modernising militaries. Terrorist groups and non-state actors can access technologies and weapons far more sophisticated than before.

Science and technology (S&T) has itself become a theatre of strategic competition. New areas of study are emerging at the intersection of established scientific domains; new technologies and applications of technology are developing and being adopted faster than ever before; our adversaries have become adept at shaping and exploiting these developments for military and political advantage. Our response needs to reflect this new state of affairs, and also help us shape the future context more actively.

This means setting our sights on the long term, building towards the future capabilities we need, taking risks, nurturing scientific and technological literacy, collaborating more effectively, and extracting every drop of value from our data.

The MOD S&T strategy sets out the aim to prioritise higher-risk, high reward research that will support the generation-after-next of military capabilities while continuing to maintain the range of critical S&T capabilities that supports our national security.

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