Consultation to launch on minimum service levels in universities

Consultation launched in response to concerns about the impact of strike action on university students and providers

The government will launch a consultation on minimum service levels in universities, the Education Secretary Gillian Keegan announced today. 

Students and universities will be encouraged to share their views on the impact of strike action.

The consultation will focus on stronger protections for final year students, key cohorts or those studying specialist subjects. If introduced, the minimum service level could ensure students get the education they pay for, protecting them from strike action, for example looking at how to guarantee continued services such as teaching contact hours and marking their work during walkouts.

Previous strike action has resulted in lost learning at critical times during students’ education.  

The move builds on reforms announced earlier this year to improve the quality of university degrees for students by making sure universities are accountable for how students are progressing through their courses and what they will earn after graduation. 

The Office for Students has been asked to limit the number of students universities can recruit onto courses that have high drop-out rates, don’t lead to good jobs and leave young people with poor pay and high debts. 

Today’s announcement is another step in a series of long-term decisions to ensure a bright future for all children and young people, whether it be starting school, through to going to university or undertaking an apprenticeship. 

Department for Education
The Rt Hon Gillian Keegan MP