Ofsted statement for schools affected by RAAC

Updated guidance for inspecting education settings still affected by reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC)

In September 2023, we announced that we would remove all schools included in the Department for Education’s published list of education settings affected by RAAC from our autumn term inspection schedule.

This summer term, a school that has confirmed RAAC in some of their buildings will be eligible for Ofsted inspection, however this will be sufficient grounds to defer the inspection, should the school wish to.

We know that the situation with RAAC is still causing challenges for school staff, pupils and their parents and guardians. For schools that do not have confirmed RAAC but may still be impacted by RAAC, for example where a school is hosting pupils from schools that have RAAC, we will carefully consider any requests for a deferral of an inspection.

If we have any concerns, we retain the right to inspect any setting, including those affected by RAAC.

From: Ofsted