General Election 2017

Protective security advice for the General Election 2017

As the General Election approaches it is important that individuals and organisations consider their protective security provisions, they remain vigilant and report suspicious behaviour and items to police at the earliest opportunity. The UK threat level remains at SEVERE, meaning an attack is highly likely. Terrorist groups and individuals continue to encourage individuals to plan and mount attacks in the UK, particularly against symbols of the State and crowded places. Low sophistication, low complexity methodologies are the simplest to execute and require little or no training. We urge the public to be alert but not alarmed and the police service and our partners are doing everything we can to help protect the security of citizens, communities, public institutions and businesses.

There is also valuable advice to assist individuals in keeping themselves safe, although it’s important to remember that a key principle of personal security is that the individual must carry the main responsibility and remain vigilant. Whilst it is impossible to provide advice for every eventuality, there is generic advice available from various sources. We would like to direct organisations to the [UK National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) website] ( where a range of protective security guidance is available.

Further protective security guidance is available on the website for Centre for the Protection on National Infrastructure (CPNI) including guidance for personnel security through a staff vigilance campaign.

Protective Security Advice

The message is clear - ‘don’t worry, don’t delay, just act’ In an emergency call the police dial 999.

Protective security advice is available on the NaCTSO website in the guidance ‘Recognising the terrorist threat’ and advises on:

• reporting suspicious activity to the police by calling confidentially on 0800 789 321 or at
• reporting online terrorist and violent extremist material online
• understanding how to respond in a weapons or firearms attack follow the RUN HIDE TELL principles
• understanding how to respond to suspicious items
• understanding how to respond if there is a bomb threat
• understand what to do if a suspicious package is delivered to your home or work address

Personal Security for those canvassing

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust provide advice for those individuals and groups who are campaigning and canvassing.

Advice for officials

Can be obtained through local authorities or the Electoral Commission The College of Policing Authorised Professional Practice (APP) have produced guidance on Maintaining order and preventing undue influence outside polling stations. The APP outlines the necessity for Returning Officers and their respective Police Force to initiate early contact in planning for the Election. The Electoral Commission provide a variety of guidance products, including a handbook for Polling Station staff at

Additional Advice

Is available from the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure