Discover how new technology can rejuvenate legacy meeting room and presentation systems

With public sector organisations’ finances as they are, services and systems are all under scrutiny both internally and externally.

Information Technology is no exception, and its procurement is an easy target for spending cuts. In some public sector organisations the regular refresh cycle of essential IT appears to have stopped.

Until these basic facts change, public sector organisations must rely on legacy equipment. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be smarter in utilising cost effective products and services that give full functionality across legacy and new equipment.

Even looking at the digital essentials of modern working life – video conferencing, instant messaging or even emails – the gap between current systems, software and security compared to more recent iterations is the tip of a potentially disruptive iceberg.

Many of the larger manufacturers have only one goal: sales. Public sector organisations will need to look outside the current model to get viable, cost effective solutions that are flexible enough to work for them.

This can only be achieved with partners who understand the inevitable complexity of integration. Box shifters will not suffice.

What are the benefits of re-purposing old IT?

As part of a procurement review a regional council asked Carillion Communications to advise them on a plan, specifically around unified communications and their customer meeting facilities. They had a large number of rooms, but they had not been updated for over 6 years. The staff had laptops from multiple manufacturers and as a consequence, experienced all the issues of not having a single connectivity standard.

Following an audit, the deployment of a wireless connectivity system for the meeting and presentation rooms was recommended and implemented; with the result that for the cost of refurbishing a single room the client now has 10 fully functioning rooms, with the same user interface/experience in each. Giving users the tools to present and work in any of the rooms in the same way, with any device and without the need to call IT.

For public sector organisations looking to adopt this approach, they must be open to innovation outside of the framework or e-auction tick box procurement model. There are companies who are genuinely able to help create and drive savings through knowledge and experience, and not just sell you a box.

Given the spending cuts facing many public sector organisations, it is not a question of whether the new approach is affordable. The old approach may soon be entirely untenable.

Helping organisations host instant, effective meetings and presentations

Barrie Guy from Carillion Communications explains how easy it is to simply share your laptop or mobile device on a main presentation screen using your existing meeting and conference room equipment. No hassle, no messy cables - just instant meetings.

“Start a presentation at the precise second you want by using Barco Clickshare by simply pressing a button. Switch presenters or run multiple presentations simultaneously. Win back hours of meeting time and reduce the need for IT support”.

Even technophobes love this system - once installed simply leave users to look after themselves.

Single and multiple presenters can share content from any device. No training, no software and no IT support required.

Working with Carillion Communications and Barco Clickshare

Carillion has proven itself to be the ideal AV partner with a consistent track record of planning and delivering innovative video conference, collaboration and presentation solutions for central government departments and agencies, local authorities and education and health sector organisations.

The UK Digital Strategy 2017 set out the Government’s plan to introduce new digital initiatives and transform the way the public sector operates by 2020, but the growing digital skills gap is preventing these initiatives from achieving their full potential; however, by working with Carillion this technical gap can be bridged.

Public sector IT and Communications teams working together with technical experts from Carillion have completed multiple projects across the UK, including:

Bracknell Forest Council - Transforming existing conference rooms with simple wall mounted screens and wireless presentation system.

ECMWF (Weather Centre) - designing  and installing audio visual and presentation solutions in ECMWF’s meeting rooms and fitting an impressive video wall in their main reception area.

The Department for International Development (DFID) - Carillion has installed 158 video conferencing systems worldwide. DFID now has regular meetings involving 15 or more locations.

Manchester Civil Justice Centre - Carillion have undertaken hundreds of video conferencing installations in Magistrates and Crown Courts.

London Fire Brigade - Carillion completed upgrades and installations in multiple meeting rooms, the building’s atrium and the Commissioner’s suite.

The General Dental Council - Carillion installed major new audio visual facilities including video conferencing in the council chamber enabling more effective council meetings.

Monmouthshire County Council - The aim of the project was to standardise meeting rooms with the same technology and implement Skype for Business as the video platform of choice.

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Article by Barrie Guy – Carillion Communications Ltd
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