Over £3.5million boost to promote the use of the Welsh Language

The Welsh language has received a welcome new year boost with over £3.5million in grant funding allocated to promote the language.

£85,310 has also been allocated to Papurau Bro, a network of community newspapers across Wales, produced by volunteers and published monthly.

Altogether, this is an increase of £100,000 to the grants for this year.

One of the aims of the Welsh Language Strategy, A Living Language: a language for living, is to strengthen the position of the Welsh language within the community. The latest round of funding will support this aim by targeting organisations that provide people with the opportunity to use Welsh within their communities.

The Minister with responsibility for the Welsh language, Leighton AndrewsAM said:

“We want more people to have the opportunity to enjoy using more Welsh as part of day-to-day life. The results of the recent Census have reminded us of the importance of ensuring that people of all ages can use the language in social activities across Wales.

“This is why we are providing over £3.5million grant funding to various organisations which promote the use of the language within their communities. This is an increase of £100,000 on last year, which shows our commitment to ensuring the language continues to thrive.”

Welsh Government grant funding has been allocated to 36 organisations across Wales, such as the National Eisteddfod, the Mentrau Iaith and the Urdd, and will be used to support their development as they target an increasing number of people in the community.

The Minister added:

“It is through organisations, such as the Mentrau Iaith and the Papurau Bro, working at grassroots level, that we can ensure we are giving people the vehicles to use their Welsh and allow our Welsh communities to flourish.”