UK reaches deal for continued access to fish in Norwegian waters

UK fishermen to benefit from continued access to Norwegian North Sea waters to fish for stocks such as cod, haddock and hake

UK fishermen will benefit from continued access to Norwegian North Sea waters to fish for stocks such as cod, haddock and hake following the conclusion of annual fisheries negotiations, the UK Government has announced today (Friday 15 December). 

Leaving the EU has meant that the UK has been able to seize post Brexit freedoms, negotiating deals as an independent coastal state which are in the best interests of the UK fishing industry.

The arrangements see the continuation of the UK and Norway’s close partnership and aim to support a sustainable and profitable fishing sector, as well as providing continuity for industry. 

Next year, UK industry will benefit from: 

  • Access to 30,000 tonnes of whitefish stocks such as cod, haddock and hake in Norwegian waters in the North Sea. .
  • Mutual access to fish up to 20,000 tonnes of herring in our respective waters
  • Quota transfers in key UK stocks, including anglerfish and Arctic stocks. 

Fisheries Minister Mark Spencer said:  

"Leaving the EU has presented us with the chance to seize the post Brexit freedoms that are on offer, negotiating deals and implementing broader fisheries measures that will support our fishing industry towards a more profitable and sustainable future.  

"Through negotiations this year we’ve already secured deals to give our fishermen access to stocks worth £970 million, and the arrangements with Norway announced today will provide certainty and continuity, allowing fishermen to access to important North Sea stocks such as cod, haddock and hake."

The agreement highlights both parties’ continued commitment to manage fisheries sustainably and support the long-term viability of stocks in the North Sea. 

It follows the completion of bilateral negotiations with the EU and trilateral negotiations, which secured the UK fishing industry access to 420,000 tonnes of fishing opportunities worth up to £700 million.

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
The Rt Hon Mark Spencer MP