Anglers invited to return to English rivers

As a new fishing season begins, the Environment Agency welcomes anglers back to English rivers

The Environment Agency welcomes anglers back to rivers across England today (Sunday 16 June) as the close season for coarse fishing ends. 

Running from 15 March to 15 June inclusive, the close season prohibits coarse fishing in rivers, streams and drains, as well as some canals and protected stillwaters.

The close season is enforced annually to prevent disturbance to coarse fish and protect vulnerable fish stocks during their peak spawning period.

Environment Agency Fisheries Manager Dr Graeme Storey said:

"The close season helps to protect the health and resilience of fish populations.

"Thank you to all anglers across England who have followed the rules of the close season, and welcome back for the start of a new fishing season."

The Environment Agency reminds fishers that all anglers over the age of 13 must have a valid licence to fish in English waters. Those found fishing without a valid licence can incur penalties of up to £2,500.

From: Environment Agency