Public sector pay awards confirmed for 2017/18

Police and prison officers will receive pay awards funded within existing budgets.

The Government has confirmed police and prison officers pay awards for 2017/18.

Police officers will receive a 2% pay award from 1 September 2017, which includes an additional 1% non-consolidated pay award for 2017/18 on top of a 1% increase in their basic pay. This award strikes a balance between recognising the contribution made by police officers over the past year in response to some of the most challenging situations our country has faced for a very long time, and our responsibility to taxpayers to control public spending to support our economy.

The recommendations of the Prison Service Pay Review Body have been accepted in full to give staff in prisons a pay increase of 1.7% on average – recognising the need to help recruit and retain staff with the right experience and expertise to keep our prisons safe and secure.

These pay awards will be funded within existing budgets.

For 2018/19 onwards, the government recognises that in some parts of the public sector, particularly in areas of skill shortage, more flexibility may be required to deliver world class public services, including in return for improvements to public sector productivity.

The last Spending Review budgeted for 1% increases in basic pay, in addition to the progression pay awards within specific workforces. There will still be a need for pay discipline over the coming years, to ensure the affordability of public services and the sustainability of public sector employment.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Elizabeth Truss said:

"Our talented and hardworking public sector workers deserve to have fulfilling jobs that are fairly rewarded and I am pleased to confirm the pay awards for police and prison officers for 2017/18.

"The government takes a balanced approach to public spending, dealing with our debts to keep our economy strong, while also making sure we invest in our public services.

"We will continue to ensure that the overall package for public sector workers recognises their vital contribution and ensures that we can deliver world class public services, while also being affordable and fair to taxpayers as a whole."

The detail of 2018/19 pay remits for specific Pay Review Bodies will be discussed and agreed as part of the Budget process and be set out in due course.