Domain knowledge

Domain-specific knowledge you need within your organisation - part of the Government Campus learning curriculum

Domain knowledge is the information and understanding civil servants need to work effectively in their specific subject area, such as national security, health or international relations.

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Domain knowledge

Departments and agencies are responsible for developing the learning to provide civil servants with the knowledge and understanding they need to work effectively in their specific domain. This can include its history, operational context and other essential knowledge which will help learners become highly competent team members, policy-makers and ministerial advisers. Some case studies are provided below and you should contact your local L&D team to learn more about opportunities within your domain.

College for National Security

The new College for National Security within the Government Skills and Curriculum Unit is being established to put the UK’s national security community on the front foot to tackle emerging security threats. The college will provide mid-career qualifications for those working in national security across government as well as opportunities for fellowships.

Health Policy Fast Track Scheme

The Health Policy Fast Track Scheme is a three-year Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) accelerated development scheme for those seeking a career in health policy. It consists of three stretching 12-month placements in DHSC and partner organisations, alongside bespoke training and a fully funded MSc in Health Policy.

International Academy

The International Academy within the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office offers specific programmes for those working in international policy, overseas development and diplomacy. Any civil servant with a account can access a range of free training delivered directly by the faculties. Please contact for more information.

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