Customer Survey Results 2024

Results of our 2024 pharmaceutical industry customer survey carried out by an independent party

Firstly, many thanks to those who took the time to complete our bi-annual customer satisfaction survey. We greatly appreciate the feedback received. This provides a clear steer on where we need to improve, and to be able to deliver on our intent to provide high-quality levels of service balancing our desire to be a pragmatic yet robust regulator.

The survey was conducted independently by Mo Gannon & Associates Ltd and comprised two stages, starting with a qualitative phase involving telephone interviews with a sample selection of customers. This informed the quantitative stage where you were invited to complete an online questionnaire. As with previous surveys we asked Mo Gannon & Associates to prepare a slide (MS PowerPoint Presentation, 1.57 MB) outlining the results.

A one to five scoring system was used with an ‘excellent’ rating assigned where 80%+ of the respondents scored satisfaction levels at 4 or 5 and ‘good’ assigned where satisfaction levels were scored 4 or 5 by between 60% to <80% of respondents.   

High-level message

As a high-level message, the majority of respondents are satisfied with the levels of performance. However, it is also true to say that the numbers who scored satisfaction as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ have fallen. This is perhaps reflective of the increased complexity of the veterinary medicines assessment processes, increased volumes of applications received, and the issues faced with recruitment and retention. Nevertheless, the supporting slide deck has followed the format as for previous rounds reflecting ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ ratings to enable survey to survey consistency.

The following provides an overall summary of the key areas on which we sought feedback reflecting satisfaction levels scored at three or above. The slide (MS PowerPoint Presentation, 1.57 MB) does provide further detail and granularity of the services being rated.

Satisfaction levels scored as 3 or above

  • Application Management 80%
  • Validation  100%
  • Joint Labelling  63%
  • Mock Ups  40%
  • The Pharmaceuticals Team  100%
  • The Biologicals Team  100%
  • Vaccine Batch Release  100%
  • The Pharmacovigilance Team  100%
  • Quality Defects  84%
  • GMP/GDP Inspections  86%
  • Communications Overall  100%
  • Veterinary Medicines Revision Process  86%
  • Finance  100%

Moving forward

Our desire over the next couple of years is to improve and provide services which you rate as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. To do this, we will focus efforts on:

  • Staff recruitment and increasing resilience within the Teams
  • Improving levels of consistency
  • Improving speed of response
  • Reviewing processes to ensure greater effectiveness

Once again, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We appreciate that we have asked a lot from you over the past year or so, and that this was another ask, but we value and have heard what you have said. If you have any questions or wish to provide further feedback, then please let us know by email to

From: Veterinary Medicines Directorate