Dr Nicola Byrne reappointed as National Data Guardian

The Cabinet Office has announced that Dr Nicola Byrne will continue in her role as National Data Guardian for three more years, until March 2027

Dr Nicola Byrne, National Data Guardian for health and adult social care in England

The Cabinet Office has today announced that Dr Nicola Byrne has been reappointed to the role of National Data Guardian for an additional term of three years.

The appointment was made in accordance with the Cabinet Office Code of Governance for Public Appointments.

The National Data Guardian role was established in 2014 as an independent advisor to the government and health and social care system on the use of people’s confidential information across health and adult social care in England.

It plays a crucial role in preserving public trust in the confidentiality of our healthcare services, and advocating for transparency when confidential patient information is used for secondary purposes, such as research or healthcare planning.

With this new appointment, Dr Byrne will continue to serve in her capacity as the National Data Guardian, alongside her clinical role as a consultant psychiatrist in the NHS, until 16 March 2027.

Dr Byrne said:

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to continue my efforts in ensuring the highest ethical as well as legal standards for the use of health and social care data.

"In this constantly evolving policy and regulatory landscape, my team, panel of advisors and I remain dedicated to promoting the safe and appropriate use of data to improve patient care. We are committed to protecting patient confidentiality and choice and ensuring that healthcare data is only used in ways that benefit the public.

"Our ultimate goal is to build public trust in the use of their confidential data, so that it can be used to improve healthcare outcomes for everyone."

From: National Data Guardian