Justin Holliday appointed as Tax Assurance Commissioner

In his role, HMRC's Chief Finance Officer will also oversee resolution of tax disputes

Justin Holliday has been appointed as Tax Assurance Commissioner, overseeing the governance and assurance of HMRC’s resolution of tax disputes. The role enables Parliament and the public to be confident that HMRC secures the right tax under the law when resolving disputes.

Justin takes over from Melissa Tatton following her appointment as Interim Group Director, Corporate, at the UK’s communications regulator, Ofcom, a position she takes up in September.

Justin, who retains his Chief Finance Officer responsibilities, does not directly engage with taxpayers to discuss their specific tax liabilities, nor is he responsible for the HMRC operational teams that manage taxpayers’ compliance.


Justin is an Oxford Graduate and a CIPFA-qualified accountant with experience working for a variety of organisations in the private sector, local and central government.

Justin joined HMRC from the Home Office in August 2013 in the role of Director of Corporate Finance. He was appointed Chief Finance Officer in June 2015.

The Tax Assurance Commissioner

The Tax Assurance Commissioner role, introduced in 2012, strengthens HMRC’s governance and assurance of tax disputes.

It provides assurance to Parliament and the public that HMRC handles civil tax disputes in accordance with the law and its litigation and settlement strategy - avoiding unnecessary disputes, conducting them in a non-confrontational, collaborative and transparent way, and resolving them to collect the tax that is due under the law without unnecessary delay.

The Tax Assurance Commissioner chairs a panel of 3 HMRC Commissioners who make decisions in the largest and most sensitive cases, as well as a sample of smaller cases.

The role also oversees HMRC’s tax settlement assurance programme, ensuring that the department monitors and continuously improves its management of tax disputes.