CNC Celebrates 100th Firearms Officer Training Programme

This month sees the Civil Nuclear Constabulary delivering their 100th initial foundation training programme for new Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs)

Pictured outside the Noble training hub at Dounreay are Supt Hernandez, Insp Bain, and Sgt Gill.

The Initial Foundation Programme (IFP) for recruits is an intensive 18-week residential course, covering a huge range of policing skills and essential firearms skills. Since the courses were introduced, hundreds of students have passed the intensive training to become CNC AFOs. With the introduction of the Non-Home Office Police Apprenticeship Programme earlier this year, the CNC recognised the need to offer the training at sites other than their Culham Headquarters and Bisley Firearms Training Unit (FTU) and as a result courses this year have taken place across the country.

Ch Supt Sheree Owen, Head of the CNC’s Training Division, said: “I am delighted that this milestone IFP is now underway. It’s doubly special because it’s the 100th programme we have run, and because it’s taking place for the first time ever at Dounreay in Scotland.

“We recognised that asking people to leave their home, family, and other commitments for 18-weeks of training is a huge ask, and one that just isn’t possible for some. So by utilising our northern training centres to run IFPs, we can offer candidates bespoke training, closer to home, within their own community. IFP 100 is off to a flying start, and I look forward to welcoming our next cohort of officers at their pass out parade.”

Two facilities are in use for the training at Dounreay, named the ‘Noble’ and ‘Sinclair’ hubs by the team, in memory of former Dounreay based colleagues, who sadly passed away whilst in service.

Dounreay-based Supt Lynsay Hernandez said: ‘We are delighted to host IFP 100 onsite here at Dounreay and thereafter at our FTU Scotland Training Facility. We are currently recruiting for AFOs at our Dounreay site, as well as for our Sellafield site in Cumbria. Having the training facility here in Scotland now provides a real opportunity for local people to train close to home, which I am certain will be more attractive to them. We are grateful to all those involved and wish all new candidates the absolute best of luck!”

Candidates interested in applying to become part of an exceptional team of AFOs at Dounreay or Sellafield, should visit for more information.

Pictured outside the Noble training hub at Dounreay are Supt Hernandez, Insp Bain, and Sgt Gill.

From: Civil Nuclear Constabulary and Civil Nuclear Police Authority