Public Sector Event

6 Sigma In Healthcare (Yellow Belt) Two-Day Masterclass

Venue: Hallam Conference Centre
44 Hallam Street

Date: 18 Mar 2014

Synopsis: This two-day 6 Sigma Yellow Belt Training course for healthcare professionals is a hands-on, interactive masterclass aimed at individuals and teams at all levels who need to develop an understanding of the power of the 6 Sigma and how the tools and methodology can make a significant impact within healthcare.

The health industry and healthcare providers face an increasing challenge to provide the sufficient quality of care against a background of funding reductions. Basic quality improvement programmes have delivered benefits but are now proving insufficient to take improvement efforts to a higher level. A more structured and rigorous approach that goes beyond the quality department is required and this is exactly what 6 Sigma delivers. The methodology becomes the foundation for creating a culture of excellence throughout an organisation where everyone is on a journey to eliminate waste, defects and variability. Learning objectives include: •An overview of 6 Sigma methodology tools and techniques and identify how it can add value to healthcare •An understanding of how 6 Sigma can link with Lean •Shows how 6 Sigma can be used to both improve the patient experience and improve efficiencies •Highlights what healthcare can learn from industries that have many years of experience applying 6 Sigma tools and methodology •Explains the power of the data driven processes in identifying the real root causes rather than relying on instinct or past history •Shows how 6 Sigma can help change behaviour and workplace culture Facilitated by: Chris Lakin Lean Facilitator, 6 Sigma Master Black Belt and Chartered Chemical Engineer BWC Performance


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