Public Sector Event

Decisions, Decisions: How To Make Better Decisions

Venue: Hallam Conference Centre
44 Hallam Street

Date: 2 Apr 2014

Synopsis: This interactive masterclass explores the nature of human decision making. It brings together well established information from a variety of different disciplines in a practical way so that delegates can fully understand their own decision making behaviour. It then builds on this understanding to introduce and develop practical techniques to improve the individual’s decision making. Delegates will not only leave the masterclass with new ideas but also with a pack of practical output that can be deployed in their own organisation the very next day.

Good decision making is critical for all organisations and for individual clinical practice and patient outcomes. Unfortunately the nature of decision making is not generally well understood by the individuals making the decisions. Facilitated by: Ian Moore, Director, Unthinkable Thinking. Ian’s approach helps people understand their own thinking processes. It helps them to experience new ways of thinking and develop techniques to improve their thinking. The goal is to help us select appropriate ways of thinking about situations and apply these. Ian has been developing organisations of all types all over the world in the areas of decision making, idea generation, spotting opportunities and innovation and has written a number of books on these topics.


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