Public Sector Event

VTE Prevention: Meeting The Challenges At A Strategic And Organisational Level

Venue: ICO Conference Centre
22 Berners Mews

Date: 19 Mar 2014

Synopsis: The aim of this one-day masterclass is to explore strategies for the promotion of VTE prevention within a Trust from an strategic and organisational perspective. There will be a specific focus on root cause analysis, quality audits and outcome measures. The continued achievement of targets such as those associated with CQUIN and the patient safety thermometer will also be addressed. Attending the masterclass will provide participants with knowledge and insights to support their professional development and career progression.

This masterclass is designed for clinicians and managers who are working strategically to implement best practice with regard to thromboprophylaxis and meet VTE prevention targets. Since the publication of the NICE clinical guidance on VTE prevention in 2010 considerable progress has been made within Trusts to introduce strategies designed to reduce the incidence of VTE in secondary care. Clear policies for risk assessment and the administration of appropriate thromboprophylaxis are now available. However,the challenge for those charged with the responsibility for the implementation of these policies is now how to maintain the initial momentum and profile of VTE prevention within a Trust whilst ensuring the delivery of new targets and initiatives. A key question this masterclass seeks to address. Drawing on a snapshot situational analysis this masterclass will enable participants to identify specific areas of concern and best practice. Using this foundation the participants will have the opportunity to consider how they conduct root cause analysis, identify serious and significant incidents and utilise learning from these analyses in practice. This is particularly significant given the recent inclusion of root cause analysis into CQUIN goals and the potential impact of the proposed introduction of a statutory Duty of Candour. In addition to this, the masterclass will address the issue of how to measure outcomes in VTE prevention, role of the patient safety thermometer and the introduction of quality audits to demonstrate achievement of the NICE quality standards for VTE prevention.


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