Public Sector Event

Energy - Identifying and targeting energy savings in buildings

Venue: University of Salford

Date: 4 Jul 2013

Synopsis: This 1 day course aims to help organisations identify energy wastage in buildings and ways to make energy savings. This course will help you to improve your awareness of energy consumption on site, enhance your ability to identify areas of wastage, provide useful tools to conduct an energy audit and provide advice about the appropriate focus areas to initiate action.

We are all well aware of the tough economic climate and its impact on the competitiveness of UK businesses. The situation is not made an easier with the volatility in the energy market and the upward impact this can have on energy prices. The need to cut costs coupled with ever rising fuel prices puts pressure on businesses to find quick, low cost and long-term energy savings. The Government has recognised this as a major issue for UK business and have set out their approach for supporting businesses in The Energy Efficiency Strategy: The Energy Efficiency Opportunity in the UK, published in November 2012