Public Sector Event

Nursing Staffing Levels and Skillmix

Venue: ICO Conference Centre
22 Berners Street

Date: 1 Apr 2014

Synopsis: This conference focuses on ensuring safe and effective Nurse Staffing Levels and Skillmix – how to ensure the right people, with the right skills, are in the right place at the right time. The conference will look at meeting the expectations laid down by Francis and NHS England and through case studies and expert sessions provide a practical guide to delivering the recommendations in your service.

“We have very clear evidence of a link between appropriate staffing and the outcomes of our patients. This evidence must be used to set staffing levels locally. Patients and the public are therefore entitled to know that we have the right number of people in place to provide safe, quality care every time…We first encouraged a move towards greater transparency on staffing levels in my nursing strategy, but we are now going further. Hospitals will have to publish this information – at ward level – and present the evidence they have used to determine staffing levels in public. That is the right way to ensure there is rigour around decisions that are taken, as well as to provide hospitals and other services with the flexibility they need to get the right staff in the right place. We need the right level of staffing in every locality – and that cannot be mandated centrally.” Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer NHS England 19 November 2013 “Following the poor levels of care witnessed at Mid-Staffordshire hospital, the Francis Inquiry and the Berwick report outlined ways in which the NHS can improve care.Both reports raised the issue of staffing levels, with the Francis report explicitly stating that inadequate staffing levels at Mid Staffordshire led to the poor quality of care.Today, NICE has announced that it will carry out a comprehensive review of the evidence relating staffing levels, and will produce definitive guidance on safe and efficient staffing levels in a range of NHS settings.” National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, 19 November 2013 “After studying the evidence it is clear that a staffing ratio of one registered nurse to eight patients (excluding the nurse in charge) is the level below which there is a significant risk of harm… This does not guarantee good care but anything less is known to increase the risk of poor care and constitutes a safety hazard…There is already recommended staffing levels for children’s services, intensive care and maternity services. We want to take that a step further with a clear fundamental standard for elderly patients who are, after all, themajority of patients on our general wards. We owe them nothing less.” Prof Liz Robb, The Safer Staffing Alliance


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