Public Sector Event

Enhanced Recovery Five Years On

Venue: ICO Conference Centre
22 Berners Street

Date: 3 Apr 2014

Synopsis: This conference looks at enhanced recovery five years on – how to sustain and extend improvement and improve the effectiveness of your enhanced recovery service. The topical issues of enhanced recovery and the seven day NHS will also be discussed.

“Quality is the driving principle of ER (Enhanced Recovery). ER improves the patient experience by getting patients better sooner, and changes clinical practice to make care safer and more efficient. Originally established in elective surgery, ER consists of identifying many steps in the whole care pathway where marginal gains can be made, leading to much better quality outcomes.” Celia Ingham Clark National Clinical Director for Enhanced Recovery and Acute Surgery “I believe that the principles of enhanced recovery can be applied to emergency as well as elective surgery and have the potential to improve the quality of patient care and also reduce delays in care pathways.” Professor Norman S Williams President Royal College of Surgeons Enhanced Recovery has been improving outcomes, patient experience and reducing length of stay for more than 5 years since the introduction of the national programme.


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