Public Sector Event

Masterclass: Advanced Continuous Improvement (CI Silver Level)

Venue: Hallam Conference Centre
44 Hallam Street

Date: 18 Mar 2014

Synopsis: The health industry and healthcare must continue to improve quality of care and reduce errors against the background of funding reductions and higher patient expectations. Basic quality improvement programmes have delivered benefits but are now proving insufficient to take improvement efforts to a higher level. A more structured and rigorous scientific approach that goes beyond the quality department is required and this is exactly what 6 Sigma delivers. The methodology becomes the foundation for creating a culture of excellence
throughout an organisation where everyone is on a journey to eliminate waste, defects and variability. There is a strong focus on evidence and data that can actually prove the benefit which is key when trying to change the behaviours of physicians and clinicians.


This 2 day Advanced Continuous Improvement Workshop (CI~Silver Level) for Healthcare Professionals is a hands-on interactive masterclass aimed at individuals and teams at all levels who need to develop an understanding of the power of the 6 Sigma and how the tools and methodology can make a significant impact within healthcare.

Pioneered by Motorola in the late 1980’s companies like General Electric, DuPont, Kodak, IBM, Being and American Express soon adopted the 6 Sigma methodology and reported significant improvements in service quality, productivity and efficiencies. Around about 2000 6-Sigma started to be deployed in the health industry and hospitals in Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio and the Netherlands showed how the techniques could be used in healthcare to make improvements in patient outcomes, whilst at the same time cutting costs and improving safety and quality.

Chris has 15 years of experience as a 6 Sigma Master Black Belt within a variety of manufacturing, service and
transactional environments. He has been involved in a number of high profile 6 Sigma projects. He has led 6 Sigma deployments in the UK, France and Turkey across a variety of industries.


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