Public Sector Event

Eliminating Avoidable Pressure Ulcers

Venue: Colmore Gate Conference Centre
Bull Street Entrance
Colmore Gate
B3 2QD

Date: 21 May 2014

Synopsis: This conference focuses on eliminating avoidable pressure ulcers through implementing stop the pressure, and the forthcoming NICE guidelines and quality standards for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers in your service which are due to be published in April 2014.


The conference will included sessions on implementing stop the pressure on the wards, celebrating success and changing the culture, understanding what is and what is not avoidable and there will also be extended interactive sessions focused on pressure ulcer grading and reporting, including unstageable pressure ulcers, and an in depth legal focus developing your skills in undertaking root cause analysis on pressure ulcers.

“Nearly 700,000 people are affected by pressure ulcers each year, across all care settings, including patients in their own homes. Around 186,617 patients develop a pressure ulcer in hospital each year. Each pressure ulcer adds additional costs of care of over £4,000. The most vulnerable patients are aged over 75. Pressure ulcers can be extremely uncomfortable, and, in severe cases, result in severe harm or death. Pressure ulcers can be prevented. Research suggests that between 80-95% are avoidable... Avoidable pressure ulcers are a key indicator of the quality of nursing care. Preventing them happening will improve all care for vulnerable patients. The ‘Stop the Pressure’ campaign was launched by NHS Midlands and East as part of their ambition to make life better for patients. The campaign is now being rolled out nationally, with NHS England, NHS Improving Quality and Haelo joining forces with other partners to support a 50% reduction in pressure ulcer prevalence throughout winter 2013/14. ” Stop the Pressure, NHS England, 2014

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