Public Sector Event

Essential Business Law for Non Lawyers

Venue: University of Salford

Date: 22 May 2014

Synopsis: There is an ever increasing complexity in the nature of law and regulations governing business and contract law, affecting all industries and every type of commercial agreement; therefore, it is essential that you are able to protect your organisation from a variety of potential legal pitfalls and litigation, whatever relationship you are undertaking on behalf of your organisation.



Regardless of the size of an organisation, it is critical that Directors to Line-Managers have a good grasp of business and contract law in order to ensure that an organisation is operating within appropriate legal parameters.

The potential high-cost of non-compliance to any organisation is often immeasurable, and can have such a negative impact across the whole organisation that it is essential to act in a prudent way and take sensible steps immediately. Lack of understanding and awareness of Business and Contract Law can often lead to crippling fines, for example through a misunderstanding of anti-discrimination and competition legislation. Attendance at this course will help you avoid the many minefields that often saturate the complex environment in which organisations across many industries operate.

This two-day course is specifically designed to steer the delegate through the legal minefield of EU and UK laws. It is widely respected as a masterful digest of all the main legal principles that need to be understood by everyone from Directors to line-managers working across the UK and beyond.


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