Public Sector Event

The Future of Nursing and Midwifery Conference 2014

Venue: University of Salford

Date: 30 Apr 2014

Synopsis: This conference will provide delegates with the opportunity to discuss and debate how nurses and midwives can renew their focus on high quality, compassionate care. Against the backdrop of ongoing reform and change, there is a major opportunity for nurses and midwives to use their power and influence, at the cutting edge of improvement and innovation.



The emerging challenges in health and social care have profound implications for the way nurses and midwives practise, the shape of teams and services, and many aspects of management, education and development. These issues have continually received ongoing attention but even more needs to be done, as a matter of urgency. The renewed focus on high quality care puts nurses and midwives in pole position to improve health outcomes, the quality of care and the experiences of service users – and their expertise will be increasingly in demand as the need for skilled care grows.

Against a backdrop of unprecedented reform and an increasingly tough economic environment, most of the NHS and its workforce face constant pressure to continually deliver a value for money and exceptional level of service to a patient population that has ever increasing levels of expectations and requirements. Whilst many within the NHS understand and deliver the basic necessities of traditional patient service practices, there are times when it has to deal with more challenging patient situations and patient behaviours that they are not necessarily accustomed to.


This event will bring key stakeholders together from across nursing, midwifery and beyond. Key points addressed on the day will include:

  • Putting nurses and midwives in pole position to improve health outcomes, the quality of care and the experiences of service users.
  • Raising general awareness of nursing and midwifery expertise
  • Encouraging and embedding innovation, including workplace cultures that stimulate new ideas and enabling them to champion and deliver high quality, compassionate care in innovative ways
  • Delivering high quality, compassionate care
  • Ensuring all nurses and midwives feel valued and involved
  • Playing an important role in health promotion, disease prevention and maintaining health and wellbeing
  • Caring for people with long term conditions
  • Placing nurses and midwives at the centre of the delivery of high quality care
  • Ensuring that all service users receive high quality care
  • Helping to improve wellbeing and reduce inequalities
  • Ensuring that NHS resources are used to optimum effect for the benefit of service users and society
  • Support nursing and midwifery staff to deliver world class care and promote health
  •  Identifying any barriers that impede the pivotal role that ward sisters/charge nurses/community team leaders provide
  • Identifying the potential and benefits for nurses and midwives, particularly in primary and community care, of leading and managing their own services
  • Promoting and achieving accountable and empowered nurse leadership across the system
  • Making sure that the right culture and the right values that put patients first prevails at all times
  • Involving, listening to, hearing and responding to feedback from patients
  • Making sure that those providing care have the time to do so properly
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