Public Sector Event

Master It: Audit, Service Development and Getting Published

Venue: Hallam Conference Centre
44 Hallam Street

Date: 23 Sep 2014

Synopsis: This Master Class has been developed for very busy clinical practitioners who want to get underway quickly withan Audit, and Service Development project in a practice setting and who perhaps want to go onto Publish or showcase their work - raising their own profile and that of the organisation they work for.


Two key Coaching sessions will be offered post Master Class for those delegates who wish to take up the opportunity. These are essential skills for Nurses and Therapists who want to progress their career or who want to develop skills to enhance their development and contribution to things in the environment where they work.

Master it – offers the opportunity to grasp the key principles in each of the areas through lead lectures, examples and two highly interactive practical workshops (Audit and Publishing) to demonstrate and involve delegates.


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