Public Sector Event

The Student Experience

Venue: Chadwick Court, London SE1 8DJ

Date: 21 Nov 2013

Synopsis: The student experience is now measured from application to employment and remains at the forefront of the debate about the effective delivery of HE. Recent changes to funding, with tuition fees up to £9000 a year, and increasing competition for student recruitment and places intensified the focus on evaluating and improving the student experience

Student satisfaction and employment outcomes is being analysed right across the institution from senior management teams to departments and staff-student committees, and published in results from the National Student Survey. The addition of a twenty third question in the survey on students’ union and the publication of employment outcomes has upped the stakes. And a revolution is coming in teaching and learning with students active partners making more choices moving beyond listening to students, to granting students decision making authority, spending power and the opportunity to shape their learning, teaching and wider student experience. This conference is for academic leaders and service managers from across higher education who are adapting courses, services, and monitoring with support to meet student demands.


Paul Rushworth on 020 7324 4330 or email