Public Sector Event

Demonstrating Effectiveness

Venue: ICO Conference Centre
22 Berners Street

Date: 25 Nov 2014

Synopsis: This conference focuses on the effective domain as this is the area which the Care Quality Commission are finding that most services cannot demonstrate whether they are delivering effective care or not. Through expert sessions and case studies the conference aims to enable you to demonstrate effectiveness within your service.


“Most services don’t know whether they are effective or not”...

“With the notable exceptions of critical care units and maternity, few services appear to be aware of, or to be able to demonstrate, their comparative effectiveness on national clinical audits. There needs to be much better use of data and most services need to be much better at using audits.” Initial findings from the Wave 1 pilot inspections Care Quality Commission, 2014

The Care Quality Commission assess care against 5 domains; are they safe, effective, caring, responsive to people’s needs and well-led.  

“Effective: does people’s care and treatment achieve good outcomes and promote a good quality of life, and is it evidence-based where possible?”Care Quality Commission 2014

It is notable that the CQC definition of effectiveness is wider than just clinical effectiveness, to assess effectiveness of treatment and care, the CQC look for evidence of:

  • The extent to which trusts were implementing and following guidelines (whether from NICE or elsewhere) 
  • Whether trusts were making use of national comparative audits 
  • The prevalence of dashboards to monitor key performance indicators and other data (for example, in maternity). 

“With the notable exception of critical care units and maternity, few trusts appear to be aware of, or to be able to demonstrate, their comparative effectiveness on national clinical audits…We found that safety, caring and responsiveness were relatively easy to assess, although we need to make sure we are fully objective in assessing whether services are caring . We have good data sources and we combine this with what we see and hear on site. Effectiveness is more difficult to assess. None of the trusts in Wave 1 had high mortality rates. But it was surprisingly difficult to get national clinical audit data from trusts – so how are they assuring themselves on this?”  Care Quality Commission 2014 

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