Public Sector Event

Assessing and Transforming the Culture of an NHS Organisation

Venue: Hallam Conference Centre, London

Date: 14 Jan 2014

Synopsis: “The scale of Robert Francis’s report cannot be overestimated – and neither can the magnitude of cultural change it calls for”
The Guardian 6 February 2013
The Francis Inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust makes 290 wide ranging recommendations for improvement, however all the recommendations are based upon an underlying foundation that the NHS requires a fundamental culture change.

“You can identify in the report three fundamental problems with the culture of our National Health Service...First, a focus on finance and figures at the expense of patient care. ..Second, there was an attitude that patient care was always someone else’s problem... no-one was accountable...Third, defensiveness and complacency…… Francis finds all too often a culture of only explaining the positives rather than any critical analysis.” Prime Minister David Cameron February 2013 This interactive event focuses on assessing and improving the culture of your NHS organisation or service. Interactive masterclasses, case studies and presentations will focus on how you understand culture, values and the relationship between culture and behaviour. How you can implement a culture change programme to ensure a compassionate, open and honest service where staff are motivated and empowered to lead for quality improvement and patient safety. You will leave the day with a practical toolkit of approaches to help you face the challenge of this difficult issue.


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